Everyone has something they are passionate about. Whether that’s developing vegan foods for all to enjoy or supporting thousands of animals in need, chasing that passion can lead to life-changing decisions. You could easily go from selling cars to developing an animal sanctuary that helps an animal reintegrate back into their native habitat.

For established animal welfare foundations, many involved may have already followed their passion and are continuing to help our furry friends by various means. But just because you’ve found success and purpose in your mission doesn’t mean you have to stop there. There are always new donors to reach and opportunities to continue improving your successful foundation.

Utilizing an animal welfare public relations approach can help you increase your visibility and further establish your legacy in the animal welfare space. The experts at Orange Orchard have years of experience helping our clients promote their animal welfare stories and mission.

Here are a couple of ways Orange Orchard can help you cement your legacy:

  • Premium content: From blogs to press releases, having premium content on hand to distribute is a plus. Content allows you to get your message out to the public and donors looking to support animal welfare foundations. Press releases allow you to develop a ready-for-print piece of content that can be shared with trusted journalists in the animal welfare space. With newsrooms shrinking across the board, this increases the chance that it’s picked up by a reputable publication that reaches donors and animal advocates. This gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise inside a publication that has a great reputation.
  • Proactive media outreach: When there isn’t any hard news to share, proactive media outreach keeps your name in the news. Our experts are always looking for topics to pitch to journalists in the absence of a hard news story. When cementing your legacy, these topics will allow you to further showcase your expertise in animal welfare while promoting your foundation’s values and goals.

If you are ready to partner with an animal welfare PR agency that can help you cement your legacy, give our experts a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.