There are a lot of big-name companies that spend millions, if not billions, on advertising and marketing campaigns. From billboards to commercials to print/online advertising, a lot of money is funneled into traditional marketing methods. And it works! Many of their products become household names — I’m looking at you, PSL — but not everyone has millions of dollars in their budget.

When promoting your vegan product, it’s important to remember there are other methods of connecting with your audience, such as earned media. There’s nothing wrong with advertising, of course, and you should include it in your efforts. But your business needs a good vegan public relations plan that encompasses multiple platforms, and media outreach needs to be a top priority for a couple of reasons.

You need to share your story. Help your customers connect with you and what you stand for. They see the “what” that is your product, but it’s important to let them know the “why.”

Name recognition is key. One of the best ways to boost sales is by boosting brand and name recognition. According to The Vegan Society, there are over 65,000 products from more than 2,500 companies, including 30,000 cosmetics and toiletries, and 18,000 food and drink items. We can help you stand out.

Connect with investors. A like-minded PR partner knows how to tell your story and boost your brand. Through targeted media outreach, we can help you connect with customers, but that coverage can also get you in front of potential investors. Our team can build a media outreach campaign that places you exactly where you need to be.

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