For consumers living a vegan lifestyle, it sure is nice to walk into a restaurant and not have to ask, “Is this vegan?” But rather just go and enjoy, knowing everything on the menu will fit their commitments.

Or how about the ease of finding vegan options more readily in the grocery aisles, including the plant-based offerings right in the meat and dairy sections?

There’s no question that the desire for vegan products is growing.

Statista reports that by 2025, the global food market is expected to grow to a $22 billion value – climbing from $16 billion in 2021.

And even for those who don’t eat a fully vegan diet, many are choosing to go meatless more often. writes in this article about the trend of eating meatless for the majority of weekly meals.

As demand for vegan options increases for everything from restaurants to beauty products, new location openings can create excitement.

Getting the word out on social and online about your newest location’s grand opening and any special offerings for the first customers are ways to generate a buzz.

Vegan dessert franchise Cinnaholic lets people know about all their “coming soon” locations on their website.

Adding a location in a city could grab the attention of a local reporter and business editor. Beyond local headlines, opening your doors in a new area gets the word out that you’re a strong, growing company. So, you’ll also want to make sure franchise-focused audiences hear about your latest news too.

A vegan franchise public relations partner can help you maximize the opportunity when your next location opens.

Orange Orchard Public Relations has a team of experienced professionals who understand how to connect with local, franchise trade media and vegan audiences. Our team has taken the time to build relationships with the publications that cover trending vegan topics, and the media outlets that potential franchisees go to when they are looking for an opportunity.

We can also help you convey the message about why your vegan franchise could be a good choice and fit for someone seeking to start their own business. Whether you have flexibility as a home-based business model or the support systems that help franchisees get up and running, these details could help get the attention of a future location owner.

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