With the environmental and climate-related challenges facing the world today, it’s important for businesses to address sustainability. But to get the full bottom-line benefits, it’s also important that consumers know about your efforts. That’s where environmental public relations can help.

Benefits of Sustainability

Many people in the business community associate sustainability with increased costs. But going green can actually benefit your company financially, in some direct and indirect ways:

  • Energy efficiency: Whether it’s something as simple as switching to LED light bulbs or as complex as installing solar panels, reducing the amount of energy your company uses also reduces the amount it costs to heat, cool and light your headquarters.
  • Tax incentives: Local, state and federal agencies offer tax breaks for energy efficiency policies and practices.
  • Office policies: Recycling, reducing paper and offering incentives for biking or carpooling to the office will boost employee morale – a key element in productivity.
  • Differentiation: Going green is a good way to stand apart from your competitors. It’s effective branding, enhances your reputation and creates positive associations in the minds of consumers.
  • Customer loyalty: Customers often build relationships with brands that they perceive as having a positive impact on the environment — and many of them are willing to spend more money for those brands.

Environmental PR

A great environmental public relations company like Orange Orchard can leverage your company’s story about going green into media coverage, delivering the news to local, national and trade media. Contact us today if you’re ready to go green. You’ll be doing the best thing for the planet, your employees and your business.