There is money to be made in plant-based and vegan products, and the largest players in the food industry have already noticed. Even Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork processor, has ventured into producing plant-based meat alternatives.

This is not strictly about the growing interest in vegan lifestyles. Much of the demand is driven by so-called flexitarians, people who seek to reduce their reliance on meat without giving it up completely Food & Beverage Insider points to surveys that paint a complicated picture of why people seek to reduce meat consumption:

Traditional responses, such as animal welfare (26%) and environmental impact (22%) were still common, but personal health has taken center stage. Nearly 1 in 4 (23%) of those surveyed cited personal health as the reason for switching diets, and the top reason given was a concern over the hygienic quality of meat products—no doubt impacted by heavily publicized COVID-driven issues in the meat supply chain, especially during the pandemic’s early stages.

If you have an existing regional plant-based brand or are a mainstream brand looking to expand its offerings, tapping into the broader market requires increasing your visibility and top-of-mind awareness. But you can’t trust the messaging to just any PR agency.

That’s where Orange Orchard, a vegan public relations agency, can help. We’re committed to promoting vegan and plant-based businesses and believe in the mission to reduce meat consumption. Many of our team members either practice a vegan lifestyle or integrate more plant-based meat alternatives into their daily lives. We understand the motivations and messaging required to reach all the audiences that are looking for more plant-based alternatives.

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