Few tools are as effective and underutilized as your organization’s blog. With regular articles, can lift your voice about your peers and set yourself apart as a trustworthy source of information. Our animal welfare public relations experts understand the power behind good storytelling. The key is to be an ideal blend of consistent, authentic, and informative.

Some tips for getting started

To establish expertise, it helps to look the part. Posts should be clear, concise, and professional without grammatical errors. However, avoid the urge to use a lot of jargon. Since the goal is to increase your readership, you want the posts to be easy to read! Take advantage of strong visuals to emphasize the information you’re trying to share. All of this creates a strong, trustworthy foundation with your audience.

Play to your experience and passion

Your expertise and passion both come directly from your experience, so reference that experience as often as you can. You can do this directly. For example: “I’ve had 15 years working in this field.” Complement this approach by calling out specific anecdotes, such as referring to past success stories, challenges you’ve overcome, or things that have personally impacted you in your work.

The benefits of blogs on your SEO

The more high-quality, engaging blog posts your write, the more Google takes note and begins to rank your site higher on search results. This gives you the invaluable opportunity to capture new supporters and expand your overall web traffic.

Of course, staying consistent and communicating your expertise effectively can be a big undertaking. It helps to bring in a third party. At Orange Orchard, our in-house content team brings decades of combined experience to take the work off your plate and deliver quality results.

If you want to learn more about how powerful a blog can be for your animal welfare public relations efforts, contact us online or call 865-977-1973 today.