With fundraising, every dollar counts. So, the last thing you want to do is spend more than necessary to bring people in. And, unlike paid media – those pay per click and social media ads that devour your marketing dollars – earned media is an excellent avenue to secure greater exposure at reduced costs.

It taps a broader audience and readership that hold the mission and values of your fundraiser close to their hearts. Whether it’s cruelty free, or animal welfare in general, here’s a couple tips to ensure your fundraiser gets maximum exposure and secures a full house:

Publish with a well-known & trusted source

Press releases are a great way to secure media coverage and lean on the authority and trust of an established name. It brings your event to the attention of a larger audience, your message reaching far beyond what you could have through your own blogs and social media.

Placing your message where your audience’s attention is and publishing with a credible source your audience regularly engages with earns you many more opportunities to convert readers into attendees and/or donors.

Earned Media is an exceptional tool to not only inform your audience of your mission and events, but it also helps build overall brand awareness and keeps your NPO top of mind.

Secure an interview on a popular podcast

Another great tactic that both supports your current initiative and future efforts is to appear on podcasts, local and national. Both can spread your message and promote your event for donations and attendance. Listeners will also become more familiar with your cause and likely visit your site for more information, sending stronger signals to Google’s algorithm and boosting your chances to land on page one.

You can even cross-promote these podcasts and press releases, distributing them across shared social media platforms and enlisting the aid of influencers to help push these messages as far as possible. This also taps into SEO, boosting your organic visibility.

With earned media, you can easily amplify the voice of your NPO at minimal cost to the initiative.

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