When you watch a press conference, or monitor a brand crisis, you know how important it is to have someone speaking that knows what’s going on. Whether you’re a billion-dollar company or a small-town vegan restaurant, crisis can find you and you must be prepared.

An experienced vegan public relations team, like Orange Orchard, can help identify who your potential spokespeople are.

Here are a few characteristics that your spokespersons should possess:

  • Knowledge in the company operations
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Ability to remain calm
  • Media trained


Knowledge doesn’t equal highest ranking official. The CEO doesn’t always have to be your primary spokesperson. In certain situations, it would be best to hear from the CEO, but you can have a team of spokespeople ready to answer the call.


If your vegan business is in a crisis, you don’t want someone who cannot present a clear and concise message. The public is watching, and a crisis isn’t the time to be confusing. You want someone who can put on two hats, can speak to your donors/investors, and can speak to the media.

Remain Calm

When putting out a statement, it’s easy to remain calm. It’s written and proofread before hitting send. However, if there’s a phone interview, or live press conference, it’s important to have someone who can stay calm and stay on message.

Media Trained

An experienced vegan public relations team will offer media training if your company doesn’t have someone who meets this description or could perhaps benefit from some additional tips. Speaking to the media can be an intimidating process, even if it’s for something good, it’s not human nature to act normal when you know you’re being watched or listened to. It’s paramount to be able to understand how the journalists work and be ready when they call.

If you’re struggling with finding your spokesperson, and want to ramp up your vegan public relations, contact us online or at 865-977-1973.