When it comes to crisis management, integrity is the name of the game. Increasingly, people are looking for the same traits in the green tech businesses they support as they do in their friends. They want somebody who tries to do good, and when they make a mistake, they own it and make amends.

Response Matters

When a crisis strikes, the online reactions to your response will be immediate and impassioned, and it will be remembered by customers and investors for a long time — if not forever. That’s why crisis planning is a vital part of your green tech public relations strategy.

The nature of your response is everything. As Tony Langham wrote for O’Dwyer’s:

Everything an organization does and says during a crisis matters, but what matters most is long-term credibility, integrity and reputation.

If you’re not preparing for the worst, your company might not survive long enough to see the best. Here are some items to get you started.

Make a Plan

The key to crisis management is planning. Crisis is almost always a surprise, so having a solid plan in place ahead of time is key. Sit down with your leadership or a specialized crisis management agency and develop action steps to guide you in a crisis. Everyone in your organization should know what’s expected of them in a crisis, even it that just means letting others speak.

Pick a Spokesperson

It’s time to choose — and choose wisely — one person to speak for your company in a crisis. It may not be you, so be honest about your ability to speak calmly in a stressful situation. This person should receive media training from a professional about how to respond to questions online or from journalists.

Be Authentic

Authenticity is key for retaining your credibility anytime, but especially in a crisis. Address any crisis with as much honesty as you can. If mistakes were made, accept responsibility and begin the process of making it right.

If you get your crisis response right, you could even grow your green tech company’s credibility in the marketspace. If not, you might never recover from the blunder. That’s why it’s so important to partner with a public relations agency with both crisis management experience and knowledge of your industry.

Orange Orchard combines both of those skillsets, and our pros are ready to help you weather a crisis and come out better on the other side. For more information, just call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Orange Orchard online.