With the rapidly increasing popularity of plant-based products, companies need to make sure they’re standing out from growing pack of competitors as soon as possible. One way companies can do that is by keeping a keen eye on their calendars for special days, months and seasons and then using them to their advantage. That’s much easier said than done while busy trying to grow a brand, but partnering with the right agency specializing in plant-based public relations can reduce your workload and net some great results, too!

Anything coming soon?

Don’t fret that Veganuary is long behind us now! There are plenty of great dates to take advantage of before 2020 rolls around.

You may already know that Earth Day is coming soon – April 22. Did you know, however, that National Environmental Education Week begins with Earth Day and runs through April 26? We know that choosing sustainable, plant-based consumption helps reduce the devastating effects of animal agriculture, but does everyone that follows your brand?

While mostly focused on adopting pets, April is also National Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, a great cause to help promote if you’re a plant-based brand.

Looking further ahead, we have World Environment Day on June 5 and World Vegan Month throughout November.

OK, so how can a PR agency help?

  1. Plan your social media accordingly – An agency specialized in plant-based public relations can help you schedule timely calendars of engaging social media content, using key hashtags and recommending boosted posts at opportune times to maximize visibility. They can also promote any events you may planned, which leads us to…
  2. Execute your own event tied to an awareness day – An engaging community event or initiative tied to a nationally or globally recognized day or month can be announced to your target audience and your target media, creating new customers and making your brand part of the conversation.
  3. Anchor your news and stories to these dates – Have you released a new product? Have you made a key new hire or are you ready to announce an expansion? Tying in your best news to nearby vegan and environmental awareness dates adds to the timeliness of your news, and a savvy PR agency can help craft these stories into interesting pieces that result in key media placement for your brand.

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