Snorkeling through the Great Barrier Reef. Basking in the crystal blue waters of the Maldives. Visiting the beach lover’s paradise and giant tortoises in Seychelles. These are the sights travelers want to see and post on Instagram.

Ecotourism social media

It’s no secret that climate change is threatening Earth’s most beautiful locations. Travelers are taking note and choosing ecotourism for their next vacation — furiously taking pictures and posting on social media the instant Wi-Fi allows. Leveraging those stories and posts can generate more bookings and sales for your ecotourism business.

Develop your social media strategy

A social media public relations strategy can help get the word out about your eco-friendly initiatives. Here’s how:

  1. Share stories about your company and customers — Telling stories through social media humanizes the company and creates a kinship which drives sales from new and existing customers. Customers then create more stories for sharing and gives you a social media cycle for success.
  2. Create a unique hashtag to monitor customer posts — Initially, creating your own unique hashtag allowed you to see what people are posting about your company so you can leverage those stories for your own use. However, this idea can do so much more for your company. Creating a unique hashtag establishes social credibility and makes your company the authority. If your hashtag starts to trend, it will be retweeted more often expanding your organic reach exponentially.
  3. Generate awareness for your cause — Generating bookings and sales for your ecotourism business is essential, but the whole point of ecotourism is to create change in the world. Educating people about your efforts in conservation or sustainability is an important part of your story and people want to hear more about it and the people behind the scenes.

Ecotourism Social Media Public Relations Partner

If your ecotourism business needs help developing and implementing a social media strategy as part of a broader ecotourism public relations effort, Orange Orchard can help. Email us or at 865.977.1973 to learn more.