From fashion to cosmetics, and from cleaners to personal hygiene, consumers are actively searching and opting for products labeled as cruelty-free. As a company proudly refraining from animal testing of any kind, you’ve likely been certified as cruelty-free by one of the major programs, like Leaping Bunny or PETA. However, thanks to a rampant version of “green washing,” savvy consumers are beginning to realize that the term cruelty-free is often just a recklessly used buzzword.

Did you know that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) freely admits to the public there is no legal definition of the term cruelty-free and therefore little accountability for misleading use of the label?

They state on their website:

Consumers sometimes ask about use of claims such as “Cruelty-Free” or “Not Tested on Animals” on cosmetic labeling. Some cosmetic companies promote their products with claims of this kind in their labeling or advertising. The unrestricted use of these phrases by cosmetic companies is possible because there are no legal definitions for these terms.

If you’ve recognized this and intentionally worked toward securing one of the gold standard certifications, like Leaping Bunny, don’t get lost in the noisy sea of wannabes.

As an agency that specializes in cruelty-free public relations, we at Orange Orchard understand how critical it is to be accurate with your messaging and completely transparent with your customers, especially during a time when demand for your category of products is at an all-time high. If you partner with us, we can help you manage that messaging and ensure your hard-earned certification is leveraged appropriately for added credibility and sales growth.

Some ways we can help

At Orange Orchard, we believe in consistent messaging across all channels. From social media to print, and from broadcast to e-blast, we’re passionate about helping our clients leave a lasting impression on their customer base with clearly communicated key messages and value statements.

Here are just some of the ways our expert public relations and content teams can help your brand stand out as a truly cruelty-free brand in 2020:

  • Strategic press releases and media outreach
  • Compelling blogs, website copy and other online content
  • Engaging social media campaigns and ads
  • Creative e-blast and direct mailer copy and design

To learn more about what a partnership with Orange Orchard could mean for your brand, call us today at (865) 977-1973.