As a vegan public relations agency, Orange Orchard  loves to champion plant-based and cruelty-free brands. Our team is working hard to raise the visibility of our clients during these challenging times while we keep an eye on developments in the market sector.

Pandemic Might Offer Growth Opportunity for Plant-Based Products

With grocery stores sometimes facing barren shelves because of high demand and supply bottlenecks, this might be the moment for plant-based meat alternatives to shine. Writing in Food Dive, Dan Whitmyer said this might be an opportunity to get more consumers to try plant-based brands:

According to a January survey by Gallup, 41% of Americans have tried a plant-based meat product at some point, with more than half of those who have tried it agreeing that they’re very or somewhat likely to continue eating plant-based meat products as part of their diets. With emptier-than-usual grocery store shelves, the 41% of people who’ve tried plant-based meat products could increase when consumers are presented with fewer options than usual while looking for available protein options with acceptable shelf lives.

Vegan Butcher Supports Community

During these stressful times, the vegan community continues to exhibit great generosity to those in need. For example, vegan butcher No Evil Foods has donated more than 2,780 pounds of its products to organizations in North Carolina and California to assist hunger-relief efforts.

Quoted in VegNews, No Evil Foods co-founder Sadrah Schadel spoke about the importance of giving back to the community. “I was raised with the mindset that no matter what I have or don’t have, I will always have more than someone else and I can always find something to give to others That value has also been instilled into the backbone of No Evil Foods. Even as a small emerging brand, we are still in the position to give back. Giving can be so much more than a financial transaction. It’s important that we as a society look at giving in multiple ways, not just monetary donations.”

Coalition Urges Scientists to Avoid Animal Testing in COVID research

Scientists are under immense pressure to identify cures for COVID-19 infections, but a group of international organizations is asking researchers to leave animals out of their experiments, according to VegNews:

A group of international organizations has united during World Week for Animals in Laboratories (April 20 to April 26) in an effort to urge researchers worldwide to leave animals out of experiments in COVID-19 research.

Instead the group urges researchers to rely on more human-relevant methods, such as epidemiology studies, computer-based techniques, human cell and tissue cultures, tissue engineering, and organ-on-a-chip microfluidics. “Using non-human primates, mice, and any animals to find a cure for viruses, such as the coronavirus, which won’t be the last one we see, is not only unethical but produces vastly inaccurate results and quite simply takes too long,” Bob Ingersoll, a primate specialist who appeared in documentary Project Nim.

Cook Up Some Magic

Special bonus recipe: Walt Disney World Resort has revealed the recipe for its plant-based cookie fries!

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