I’m writing this blog from home right now, and I bet you know why.

The SARS-COV-2 virus that has altered life as we know it through COVID-19 has not only changed the way we live and work, but it’s changing the way we buy. It’s also opened many eyes across the world to harmful deforestation practices that increase the chances of outbreaks caused by zoonotic viruses.

In a recent ABC News story, EcoHealth Alliance president Peter Daszak said:

In the case of COVID-19, bat caves are abundant in Southwest China. People are developing a lot of new towns in that region, with a lot of high-speed train lines. We are going to see more pandemics like this as long as such rampant development continues.

It isn’t just residential expansion either. Commercial deforestation very much contributes to “spillover events,” situations in which viruses leap from animals to humans due to proximity and consumption. As the knowledge of this becomes more mainstream, consumers and businesses alike will only continue to look deeper into the environmental practices of the companies from which they purchase goods and services.

At Orange Orchard, we specialize in sustainable and environmental public relations, and we want to celebrate the brands that have good environmental, social and governance practices. If you haven’t thought about partnering with an experienced agency that shares your passion for sustainable, planet-friendly services, know that it can help your brand shine as the pressure from discerning buyers begins to mount.

Four ways PR can help

A truly creative strategist would suggest the sky’s the limit when it comes to brand building tactics, and we tend to agree, but let’s start by taking a look at four high-level ways environmental public relations can help promote your business as a brand that cares.

  1. Developing – or honing – your key messages: A strategic public relations team that shares the same values will speak the same language as you, becoming a vital partner in keeping your key messages front and center for your brand.
  2. Garnering strategic media coverage through dynamic campaigns: Earned media coverage establishes credibility for your brand and builds trust in your base. Through expertly written press releases and effective outreach, the right PR team can help keep your name in the press for the right reasons.
  3. Creating engaging content like white papers, blogs and e-blasts: Some agencies don’t offer content and focus solely on media relations. In some cases, that’s ok, but if an agency specializes in your space and offers multiple services under one roof, you can rest assured the voice of your sustainable brand will be consistent across all mediums.
  4. Building your spokesperson’s personal brand: If your brand has a recognizable “face,” or one or two spokespersons that consistently represent the company, it’s important to build their own brands as well. Strategically placed bylined articles and speaking engagements at key conferences are just two ways that can help align your spokesperson(s), your brand and your values.

To learn more about how a partnership with Orange Orchard can enhance your visibility as an environmentally-friendly brand, call us today at (865) 977-1973.