Every brand’s story starts with a dream. You saw a need for your plant-based product, refined it, and introduced your brand on the local and regional level. Now, you’ve done well, and you’re looking to take your brand to the next level.

But taking your regional brand national means getting buy-in for your dream not just from consumers, but from national retailers. It means building brand recognition in both audiences, and honing your plant-based public relations message to resonate with everyone you need to reach.

Here are some strategies to consider.

Know the Motivations

When you’re working to grow your plant-based brand, it’s vital to remember that you’re talking to grocery chain and retail buyers as well as consumers. Consumers are looking for a tasty, nutritious plant-based option for themselves or their family. But a buyer for a grocery store chain has different purchasing goals.

The buyer is taking a chance, making an educated guess. They’re buying a large amount of your product and hoping that it will be popular enough with consumers to move. If they guess wrong, they’re left with product they can’t sell, so you’ve got to show the buyers that they won’t regret choosing you.

Synergize the Message

It is possible to reach grocery chains and consumers at the same time, but you really should reach out to an expert to get the mix just right. Having a fan following with consumers asking for your product certainly helps, but to reach buyers, you need a seamless blend of B2B and B2C messaging.

A public relations agency with plenty of experience in plant-based markets can help you with:

  • National-level earned media coverage that positions your brand leadership as experts in your field.
  • Sharable, clickable social media to build fans across platforms.
  • Website content that doesn’t just sell to consumers, but answers grocery chain buyers’ questions as well.

We Can Help

At Orange Orchard, plant-based public relations is what we do. We’ve got depth of experience crafting marketing messages to appeal to plant-based consumers and retailers alike, and we’re ready to put that experience to work for you. If you’re ready to launch from a regional brand to the national level, just call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Orange Orchard online today.