Blogging is an excellent way to communicate your brand to the public. Publishing relevant blog posts attracts prospective customers to your site, boosts your SEO score and adds value to your brand.

If your brand runs a consistent blog, are you utilizing its full potential to showcase your products themselves?

Consider taking a plant-based public relations approach to product promotion within your blog:

  • Provide links to your products.
    • If the product is relevant to what you’re writing about, go ahead and link it into the blogpost itself. This also makes it more convenient for your readers to find that product.
  • New product? New blog post!
    • If you’re launching a new product, not only should there be a press release about it, but consider using a blog post to promote it, as well.
  • Integrate your product into the lifestyle of your readers.
    • How is your product relevant to your readers’ needs? Consider how they can benefit from purchasing your product, and go from there.

Ensuring that your product blogposts aren’t too advertorial can be tricky, but if you take the public relations approach, you can feel confident in the way your messaging is received.

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