For decades, food companies promoted meat and dairy as the staples of the American diet. But concerns about sustainability, increased food costs and maintaining good health have become bigger deciding factors when consumers go to the grocery store.

Recent studies show that 60% of Americans are willing to eat more plant-based meat alternatives to offset climate change. And, more than half of those surveyed have already rewarded food companies that are taking steps to reduce their impact on the environment.

Positioning your plant-based product to the average consumer has never been more vital. This is especially true as younger generations – who are more concerned with climate change than their older counterparts – become a bigger share of the market.

A plant-based public relations agency can help you design the best strategies to make your vegan product a household name.

Defining your brand

Expanding your market share means giving non-vegans or vegetarians compelling reasons to purchase your product even if they don’t always follow a plant-based diet. These reasons can include improved health or environmental concerns so your product should be presented to show how it can benefit the consumer who is concerned about these issues.

Sharing your news

Public relations is about building and maintaining good relationships. One of the best ways to do this is to share your company’s news. Building content on your website, blogs and social media and sending out press releases are some of the best ways to build continued trust.

Giving the consumer advice, offering your expertise on issues related to the vegan diet or engaging with potential customers on an ongoing basis keeps your company name and brand top of mind. The average consumer is more likely to try your product if he or she knows who you are and trusts your insight.

Working with the right team

Choosing a plant-based PR agency that shares your vision and has a history or proven results should be the first step in your journey toward increased visibility. You want a team that understands your message. You need professionals who can reach the right journalists and develop the perfect content to reach the right audience.

At Orange Orchard, our public relations experts appreciate your commitment to sustainability and plant-based products. If you want a team who believes the planet depends on your eco-friendly vision, visit our website or call us today at (865) 973-1973 to get started on promoting your brand.