The public attention on climate has made sustainable products trendy. But green washing is still so prevalent and consumers have become skeptics of brands that tout their environmental stewardship. To gain the trust of your consumers, your story needs to be about more than the makeup of your end product.

Consumers care about the ethical standards your company has in place. How the product got here is just as important as its material makeup. An experienced environmental public relations agency can leverage all of your sustainable practices for greater credibility.

Your supply chain is your story

Boosting your efficiency: Showing the amount of waste your end product repurposed is impressive but making positive changes to your overall production process can make for newsworthy figures as well. Small changes in your product cycle that make for faster production and less waste, also makes your company more sustainable.

Optimizing your logistics:  Have you made changes to the way you are transporting your materials in order to lower pollution? Transport is a pollution heavy part of the product life cycle. Putting sustainability practices in place to lower your carbon footprint in transport is a sustainable practice that deserves to be shared.

Limit production: Even if you are creating a product made up of entirely recycled materials, it doesn’t really save the environment if excess product is made and not sold. Keeping a limited inventory is actually a positive environmental practice and shows ethical responsibility.

Improving quality: The statistics on fast fashion and its impact on the environment are unsettling. The higher the quality of a product, the less wasteful it is because the product can serve its purpose longer. By making a product with a longer lifespan, you create value for the consumer all while saving the environment.

If your environmental brand needs a boost to stand out from the crowd, Orange Orchard can help. Our experts know how to tell your story to garner the right coverage for all of your ethical practices that make a big difference. For more information about our agency, call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Orange Orchard online.