According to research firm GlobalData, the percentage of vegans increased by 61 percent globally between 2014 and 2017. Meanwhile, over that same period of time, the portion of Americans who identify as vegan increased by 600 percent. The share of the population ditching animal-based products in favor of plant-based alternatives has increased dramatically the past few years, and it doesn’t appear to be a fad.

Whether people are concerned about climate change, have reservations about the ethics of eating meat or don’t agree with factory farming practices, people have chosen to eschew animal-based products for a myriad of reasons. And where people typically think of veganism as strictly a diet, consumers are increasingly extending their veganism to include all products they use, such as clothing, cosmetics and cleaning products.

Even given the prodigious growth of veganism, GlobalData’s research shows that the vegan trend may only be scratching the surface. Even with an exponential increase, only 1.6 percent of the global population and 6 percent of those in the U.S. consider themselves vegan.

This means there’s an enormous opportunity for brands wanting to take advantage of changing consumer trends. Using vegan public relations to get the word out about your company’s initiatives can help establish a foothold in this expanding marketplace.

As more people decide to take up veganism, they’re going to be doing lots of online research to figure out what will and won’t fit their new lifestyle. This is where vegan PR can be invaluable to a brand looking to make its name in the animal-free market. That research might lead them to articles where writers suggest plant-based alternatives to common foods and products. If your company has utilized vegan public relations to get media placements, these newly minted vegans are going to use your products while they’re acclimating to their new way of life. Likewise, those people will also rely on other vegans, meaning it’s time to start creating brand ambassadors for your company’s vegan products or initiatives.

Targeting a population that is currently as small as vegans may seem too niche, especially for big brands. However, there’s one thing businesses need to remember when charting out their future: the world is turning vegan, and it’s not a fad.

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