No growing company goes on forever without changes or additions to its leadership roles. This is a normal course of business.

But, did you know that you can use these leadership changes as an opportunity to grab a little press attention for your company while you’re communicating with your employees and other shareholders?

And, if you have the right vegan public relations strategy, you can publicize these leadership changes to your advantage.

Planning a PR campaign

When you get ready to introduce a new plant-based product, chances are you plan a public relations or communications strategy to announce this new addition to your product line. Announcing the naming of a new CEO, president or product manager should be treated with the same preparedness.

After all, a leadership transition can be both an unsettling and an exciting time for your company. Taking the time to build a PR campaign to assuage the fears of your employees and patrons eases them through the change.

But, you can also use this change as an opportunity to garner some positive publicity for your vegan business. Your campaign should not only include emails and phone calls to your employee and customers, it should also encompass some public outreach.

Plan on writing a press release to announce the change. You should make the announcement on your social media and website blog, as well. All these efforts ensure the public is kept informed of your leadership change.

But it doesn’t stop there. You should also ensure that your spokesperson and the new leader are on hand to answer press inquiries and schedule interviews.

Leadership transitions are news. Don’t pass up an opportunity to earn some free publicity by keeping your changes under wraps.

Keep it positive

No matter the reason why you’ve made this change, your communications announcing the new leadership should remain optimistic. Explain what your new director brings to the table and how he or she plans to use their role to positively affect change within your organization.

By sticking to the future, you create an enthusiastic atmosphere surrounding this change. A new leader announcement gives your vegan-based organization the opportunity to reiterate your mission and vision.

And, the plant-based PR experts at Orange Orchard know how to help you move through all these steps. Whether it’s writing the press release and other content, or connecting with the media to make an announcement, our team has the experience and commitment to your cause.

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