So many people are waking up to the environmental problems surrounding travel and tourism. Just going on a vacation generates greenhouse gas emissions, plastic waste from eating at restaurants, and possibly even damage to local ecosystems and economies.

Travel is tricky for the conscientious vacationer because it’s difficult to research options. How can they know for sure that their vacation isn’t doing more harm than good?

Recently, Prince Harry announced a solution, launching a sustainable travel and ecotourism initiative called Travalyst. The website proposes to help tourists make more informed and eco-conscious decisions about travel and tourism, and ecotourism destinations can take some lessons from Travalyst’s messaging.

While there was pushback over timing — the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had just gotten done with a lengthy vacation — the principles behind Travalyst are sound. Here’s what Prince Harry got right, and what you should incorporate into your ecotourism public relations message.


Travalyst will help destinations communicate clearly with travelers, building trust through upfront, authentic messaging. Clear communication is key to winning the eco-friendly traveler, and authenticity is necessary, too. Without these elements, they will question whether your destination is truly a safe choice for the environment, and they might pass you by. Be sure your public relations strategy incorporates this principle.

No Greenwashing

Eco-friendly travelers want to see real, proactive, impactful measures to offset the effects of their travel on the environment. Unfortunately, some destinations employ “greenwashing” tactics to give the appearance of eco-friendliness without any real impact. Travalyst helps travelers separate the greenwashers from the true ecotourism destinations. Your messaging should do so, too.


Travalyst has partnered with industry giants to lend the cause credibility. When crafting your ecotourism messaging, reach out to partners who can do the same for your destination. Local business and travel associations are a great place to start seeking endorsements, and other industry partners, like an experienced public relations agency, can help, too.

With years of experience in the environmental and ecotourism space, Orange Orchard is the perfect public relations partner  for your destination. We know what travelers are looking for, and we can help tailor your message to fit their needs, answer their questions, and choose you. For more information, just call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Orange Orchard online today.