One silver lining to 2020 and 2021 is the success of vegan and plant-based brands. From cosmetics to seafood alternates, innovative animal-friendly brands are thriving in the wake of COVID-19. According to a recent article in The Guardian penned by Zoe Wood, Unilever CEO Alan Jope said, “We are seeing in every single country in the world a shift towards more plant-based diets, even in emerging markets.”

In the same article, Wood reported that Barclays is predicting a 1,000% increase in the value of the global vegan food market by 2030.

Standing out will require a robust marketing plan, including advertising, digital marketing and PR. When making the decision to incorporate PR into your strategy, it’s critical to find a team with experience in plant-based public relations. At Orange Orchard, we live and breathe green, eco- and animal-friendly brands. However, not all agencies will truly understand your messaging.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right public relations team to promote your plant-based brand in 2021.

Choose a team with green values

It sounds simple enough, but finding a like-minded agency that shares your values is more difficult than it sounds. Seek out a team that connects with your mission, and you’ll have a partner rather than another vendor.

Seek experience with B2C and B2B brands

Values, check. Now, what about navigating the B2C and B2B spaces? A plant-based public relations team should know what it means to speak to both consumers and potential distributers. Having one agency able to navigate mediums with different audiences will ensure your messaging remains consistent.

Find a partner with in-house content services

Speaking of consistent messaging, choose a plant-based PR firm with an in-house content team. From blogs to bylined thought leadership articles, having your content developed by the same agency that manages your communications strategy will keep your brand on point at all times.

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