Traditional marketing can only carry the word about your cruelty-free products so far.

For consumers who go looking for your brand, traditional marketing might work. But what about all the untapped consumer bases that don’t yet know you exist?

That’s where public relations comes in. And for a specialized, cruelty-free message, the best type of PR to use is PR that specializes in cruelty-free messaging.

Here’s why your cruelty-free brand should take advantage of a cruelty-free public relations agency:

PR will garner more visibility for your product than ever before

The right PR agency will be able to reach your target audience by positioning you as an expert among the growing group of cruelty-free brands.

Through garnering earned media opportunities and helping you craft quality content that goes well beyond advertising, your PR team will make sure your brand’s voice stands out in today’s crowded market.

PR will help you reach your sales goals

Earned media placement speaks to today’s consumers on a deeper, more serious level than paid media does. When you are postitioned in the right publications as an expert in your field, consumers will automatically develop a higher level of trust and respect for your brand than they would have after simply hearing an ad you paid for in your local radio station, for example.

In turn, more consumers will become interested in your cruelty-free products – and ultimately, your sales will increase and your business will grow. And that entire cycle is a key component of how specialized PR can help your company reach the next level.

PR will fine-tune your message for the right audience

If your brand focuses on cruelty-free products, you likely have a deeper message you’re trying to convey to your consumers and potential consumers. And while it’s wonderful to bring an ethical, altruistic message to the promotion of your brand, it’s sometimes difficult to really hone and articulate exactly what you want your audience to hear.

When you have a cruelty-free public relations agency on your side, you have a whole team of communications professionals who can help you say exactly what you want to say in a way your audience will understand.

Cruelty-free brands will ultimately help all of us conserve the natural environment and protect the lives of our animal friends – and a PR agency that specializes in cruelty-free messaging can help you spread that worthwhile message on a much larger scale.

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