Consumer interest in plant-based products has dramatically increased in recent years and is still rising. That doesn’t mean that any and every vegan brand will simply ride the rising tide to success. In fact, as more and more companies enter the plant-based space, it becomes even more critical for top brands to distinguish themselves from the competition.

An airtight digital marketing strategy is one of the most effective tools for brands that want to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Traditional fundamentals still matter: Lock down the quality of your product, make sure it’s available and deliver an exceptional customer experience. But online tools are fundamentals now, too.

If you’re looking to separate your company from the plant-based pack, an expert vegan public relations agency can help you develop and implement a digital content marketing plan that fits your goals. Some of the key elements of a great digital strategy include:

  • Content: Consistently posting quality blogs, articles, case studies and white papers solidifies your brand identity, builds credibility and enhances your online presence. Our experts can help you establish a distinctive, authoritative voice and position you as a thought leader in the plant-based industry.
  • Social media: Effectively managing a brand across multiple platforms — providing regular, on-target updates, responding to breaking events and interacting with followers and fans — can be labor-intensive and daunting. We’ll help you create social media content that works so every second you invest pays off.
  • Email: Keep customers up to date and drive traffic to your website with strategic email marketing.
  • SEO: Learn how to maximize your online messaging with the careful deployment of keywords, website optimization and building links through press releases and earned media.
  • Earned media: Orange Orchard maintains relationships with writers, editors, producers and podcast hosts for print, broadcast and online outlets in mainstream and industry-specific media. Coordinating interviews, submitted articles and other coverage boosts SEO, builds thought leadership and provides an essential platform for efficiently delivering your message to large audiences.

If your plant-based brand is ready to fine-tune its digital marketing strategy and move to the top of the industry, Orange Orchard can help. Give our team of experienced PR professionals a call at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.