A hard truth in life is that often from tragedy springs a valuable lesson. The novel coronavirus leading to the global COVID-19 pandemic is widely accepted to be zoonotic in nature, meaning it made the leap from animal to human. While these leaps, known as “spillover events,” can happen under differing circumstances, one common instance is through the slaughter of an animal.

Thought to originate specifically from a bat in a Wuhan wet market, zoonotic viruses like SARS-COV-2 are both incredibly dangerous due to their unpredictable, unstudied behavior and are bound to spillover at an increasing rate if rampant development and unregulated trading and selling of wild animals continue unchecked.

This is an issue of global safety, an issue of public health, an issue of social responsibility and an issue of animal welfare.

Let’s talk about the latter.

Animal welfare should be more than simply eating more plant-based meals and supporting your local shelter. The kind of animal welfare approach the world needs is massive – a high-level, all-in mindset that leads corporations to choose less deforestation, choose to protect biodiversity in their regions of operation, choose to produce cruelty-free products and choose to leverage their good ESG practices to educate the public and sway other corporations to follow suit.

If this sounds like your company’s mission, too, it’s time to see what animal welfare public relations can do for you.

Partner with an agency that gets it

When you’re passionate about animal welfare, consider finding a partner with similar values like Orange Orchard. Regardless if your company is a hip new cruelty-free cosmetics line, an ethically-sourced coffee roaster or an up-and-coming vegan food brand, it would be a mistake to choose a PR agency based on industry alone. Ask them – do you share our mission?

With animal welfare issues in the spotlight for consumers around the world, now is your time to build momentum and make an impact.

Find a public relations agency that will sell your key messages through to your target audiences with outstanding press releases and media placement. Find an agency that can also nail your unique voice and produce engaging content, like blogs and attention-getting thought pieces. Social media? Yep. Make sure they can develop stellar social campaigns, too.

At Orange Orchard, we believe that when multiple services are handled under one roof, the result is a cohesive, consistent voice – your voice – across all mediums, all the time.

To learn more about how a partnership with Orange Orchard can help increase top-of-mind awareness for your brand and forward your message of animal welfare, call us today at (865) 977-1973.