When effectively executed, plant based public relations for new vegan products can generate significant buzz for your brand. And, before you simply drop your new brainchild into the arms of your marketing team, it’s important to build excitement and awareness for both the product and your business months in advance.

You’ll want to craft a strong narrative that echoes the chorus current trends are singing and that also hits the key issues your audience faces. This is something you really want to nail as it directly affects media interest and the awareness of your audience that ties into your eventual sales.

Use plant based public relations to start the conversation early

While building your content through articles and press releases, it’s essential to craft solid messages that address the market’s needs. This can be through research, surveys, or internal data that builds buzz around your key narrative and relevant topics. The earlier you start discussing the problems your product can solve, the more groundwork you lay for building media interest.

Constantly providing relevant insights on the latest topics and trends as it relates to your product and narrative causes your audience to view you as an expert in your space. This reduces perceived purchasing risk, establishes credibility, trust, and boosts sales when your answer to their issues finally launches.

Build momentum with stronger content

Once you’ve teased the media alongside your audience, it’s time to start delivering some real value that establishes thought leadership. Set yourself up as an expert in your market by producing content like white papers and detailed blog posts that build upon the conversation.

Turning white papers and other info products into downloadable reports also has the added benefit of capturing thousands of leads that can be tapped for later marketing and the launch announcement of your plant-based product.

Target larger media that serves your audience

Now that you have sufficiently built your narrative, created a strong buzz and awareness around your product, it’s time to really focus on earned media – a specialty of experienced plant based public relations teams. Press releases, interviews and podcasts, they’re all great. However, now, you want to focus on the larger publishers that command a large portion of your audience’s attention.

Getting your message published and promoted by a well-known and trusted source really amps up reach. It establishes your brand as an even more credible and trustworthy leader in your space. Being able to link back to an article on Forbes or Bloomberg Green about your company, product, and narrative, slashes purchasing risk and sets you above most competitors.

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