It’s not easy getting your message out there, is it? No matter how amazing your cause, it can be tough to reach an audience or make them care about it. When it comes to animal welfare issues, all too often they don’t land in the spotlight until something horrible has happened or a crisis has arisen.

At Orange Orchard, we’ve made animal welfare a priority, and we’ve partnered with wonderful nonprofit organizations that are fighting to protect animals and their habitats. While they’re making a difference and saving lives, we’re hard at work shining a spotlight on their efforts and raising awareness for their mission.

Our team can create an animal welfare public relations plan built on strategic media outreach and content creation. We see the impact our partners have on Earth’s animals, and we love sharing these stories. But here’s the thing: it’s not our job to tell your story. It’s our job to give you opportunities to tell it yourself.

There’s where earned media comes in.

Identifying your target audience and understanding their needs is essential to creating awareness for your organization. With a PR plan in place, we take the guesswork out of the equation. Our media relations team knows how to get your team the coverage it deserves and needs, whether in news stories, features or on social media. A single story can reach thousands, if not millions, of potential donors who want to do their part to save an orangutan, a whale, dogs, cats, iguanas, etc.

You’re doing fantastic work. Let us help your organization grow and share your story with donors, volunteers and potential partners. Call us today at 865-977-1973, and we’ll get started.