When it comes to building your base of supporters, there are few resources as powerful as a blog. When properly maintained, it not only keeps you top of mind for those already passionate about your cause, it can also serve to magnetically draw in new eyes and secure their support by educating them about your efforts. Consistently rolling out fresh content on a blog can be an undertaking, but an animal welfare public relations agency with an in-house content team can take on the heavy lifting and let you focus on planning your next campaign.

In 2021, over 77% of bloggers reported strong results with regular, weekly, content.

Blogs Establish Thought Leadership

Blogs amplify your voice, greatly influencing the potency of your message. Blogging acts as a platform to lift you above your peers and set you apart from those competing for the same supporters. Blogs allow you to establish your expertise, build authority and foster trustworthiness. With regular articles, your audience begins to see your organization as a credible entity rather than simply more noise in a sea of voices screaming for attention.

Additionally, when you write high-quality, engaging articles that inform your audience, Google takes note and begins to rank your site higher on search results. This gives you the invaluable opportunity to capture new and expanded traffic, building new touchpoints with other marketing efforts such as retargeting ads and direct communication via newsletters.

Blogs Enhance Your Foundation’s Reach & Awareness

As you build a wealth of quality and informative content, you are able to update, reuse and repurpose it. Taking a collection of your blog posts and editing them to flow as a single eBook creates a powerful lead magnet and info product, both of which can be used to establish greater authority–and funds–for your animal welfare foundation.

Not only can you promote these articles through social media, you can completely repurpose them. Breaking down a few similar articles into their most powerful points can help create a Twitter Fleet or SlideShare deck that caters to hyper-targeted sections of your audience.

From podcasts to YouTube videos and infographics, building a blog and then using it to enhance your animal welfare public relations through other media taps into a wellspring of endless options that are limited only by your specific goals and target audience.

Want greater media coverage? Older content on your blog acts as a springboard to build provocative press releases that win your brand stronger attention. You can use your articles to supply strong information and narratives that can be published by trusted and authoritative sources and link back to your original and expanded content.

If you want to learn more about how powerful a blog can be to bolster your animal welfare public relations efforts–and your donations–contact Orange Orchard, or call 865-977-1973 today.