From restaurants and packaged food to clothing and cosmetics, plant-based products are one of the hottest business trends right now, with double-digit growth projected through 2025.

Shared vision

That good news presents a unique challenge for plant-based brands. Recruiting and hiring the right employees can be tough for any company, but socially conscious companies with a built-in ethical mission are also looking for team members who buy into their goals and fit into their distinctive culture. It’s not necessarily a strict standard – omnivores can thrive at companies that specialize in vegan products, but it helps if they share a common vision of a sustainable, cruelty-free world.

One way to reach the talent pool that serves your needs is plant-based public relations.

The best version of your story

A plant-based PR agency can help you craft an identity that distinguishes you in the increasingly crowded vegan marketplace. It’s not enough to stamp “100% plant-based” on a package anymore – consumers expect the full story behind your product, from sourcing to manufacturing to distribution. And so do potential employees.

Telling the best version of your story is what plant-based PR professionals do. Through press releases, web content and media outreach they can build awareness of your brand while keeping your company’s ethical mission front and center. Industry awards and speaking engagements help you establish credibility, and social media management engages the public in what you do. Awareness, credibility and engagement. Those are recruiting tools any company would be glad to have.

If you want to connect with potential employees who can help your plant-based company grow without compromising its mission, consider an experienced plant-based PR agency like Orange Orchard. Contact us online or call (865) 977-1973.