The rise of plant-based meat and dairy alternatives in recent years hasn’t gone unnoticed.

The animal meat and dairy industries recognize that the threat these products pose is real. For years, their trade organizations and lobbyists have been operating a counteroffensive aimed at protecting their market shares by whatever means necessary.

Sales of plant-based foods may be skyrocketing, but so are laws that prohibit plant-based products from being labeled “meat.” Six states have passed such legislation so far, and those statutes could present enormous challenges to some plant-based producers.

So what’s the best way to fight the animal agriculture industry’s campaign? Information.

Winning the Information War

The plant-based producers have facts, public opinion and consumer demand on their side. The facts won’t change, but public opinion and demand can be swayed by political leverage. It’s imperative that plant-based companies:

  • Keep their message sharp and clear.
  • Counter the arguments of animal agriculture apologists.
  • Continue to meet the needs of people seeking fresh, nutritious alternatives for themselves and their families.

In short, they need to win the public relations battle.

Reach Long-Term Success

If you’re a plant-based company that wants to thrive in the current growth cycle but wants to achieve long-term success — and have a long-term positive impact on the world — you’ll also need to win the PR battle. An experienced plant-based public relations agency like Orange Orchard can help shape your brand’s message, increase awareness of your products and differentiate you from the competition.

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