Anyone in business can tell you it’s hard to persuade consumers to trade their hard-earned cash for a product or service. As experienced nonprofit professionals will tell you, it’s exponentially more difficult to convince them to hand that money over so you can spend it on your organization’s good cause.

Nonprofit organizations and foundations have endured the same disruptions that for-profit companies have faced in the last several years. The competition for donors’ finite dollars has become increasingly intense; potential donors, just like other consumers, demand seamless, connected transactions and communication; and evolving technology, from financial apps to social media, continues to drive changes in behavior and expectations.

In short, it’s become urgent for nonprofit organizations to stand out from the crowd in 2022. For animal welfare organizations, where hundreds of local, regional, and national organizations are competing for attention and contributions, it can be even more essential.

Investing in public relations may seem counterintuitive for organizations operating on shoestring budgets. But the payoff can be significant. Here are a few of the ways a focused animal welfare public relations agency can benefit your nonprofit agency:

  • Brand awareness: Strategic media placement, content marketing, and other traditional PR tools support your organization’s visibility and engagement.
  • Thought leadership: First-rate content, high-profile earned media opportunities, speaking appearances, and industry recognition present your leadership team as trusted, reliable experts, boosting your group’s credibility and building lasting relationship with supporters.
  • Strategic social media management: Coordinated posts, timely engagement, and creative content can drive visibility – and also donations.

At Orange Orchard, we’re dedicated to helping our clients help animals. We share your commitment to creating a kinder, more compassionate world, and we’re experts in strategic PR to support that vision.

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