4 Tips to Get Ahead of the Competition

In any industry, it’s tempting to take the safe route and do things the way they’ve always been done. That pressure is even more intense in the construction industry, where the ever-present risk of going over budget or schedule makes it hard to justify trying something new.

That makes your clients’ decision to choose your green construction company even more significant, and it creates the perfect opportunity to set yourself apart from competitors. Now is the time to promote your values and practices, to attract clients who share your vision and are willing to take a chance on something new.

That’s where green construction public relations comes in. Your marketing message needs to speak two languages — the language of environmentalism and the language of construction. Contrary to what you might think, the two are not mutually exclusive. You can talk saving the planet and dollars and cents at the same time.

Here are four tips that will help you split the difference.

1) Know Your Audience

While green construction is gaining in acceptance, you’re still marketing to a niche audience. It’s vital to target the people who are most likely to get on board with your company for their next project. A public relations agency can research who those people are and what appeals to them, helping you reach them more effectively.

2) Craft a Mission Statement

You know your reasons for choosing green construction, but does your target audience? If you haven’t already, crafting a mission/vision statement can help bring clarity to your message and even inform best practices in the daily running of your business. An experienced public relations agency can help you tailor a mission statement that clearly states your green construction ethics for the best reach and impact with your ideal clients.

3) Have Something to Say

Your passion for the environment and your professional expertise led you to establish a successful green construction company. It’s time to share the expertise behind your passion with potential clients and the industry as a whole. By engaging in the green construction conversation via social media, articles in trade publications, speaking opportunities and more, you establish yourself as a thought leader and draw like-minded clients to you.

4) Show the Benefits

In the business world, saying that going green is the responsible thing to do might not be enough. As younger generations like millennials come into their prime earning and spending years, that is changing. But you still need to communicate the benefits of your green construction philosophy. A green construction public relations agency has already identified goals and pain points for the clients you’re trying to reach and can craft your message to address those issues.

At Orange Orchard, we believe in sustainable construction practices, and we want to see green construction companies succeed. As a division of Ripley PR, we are part of one of the top construction PR agencies in the nation. Our specialized work with sustainable and green businesses through Orange Orchard complements our construction expertise to help you saturate a larger audience with your message. If you are ready to start promoting your green construction business today, give us a call at (865) 977-1973 or reach out to Orange Orchard online.