The experts at Orange Orchard, a sustainability public relations agency,  are committed to promoting environmentally responsible organizations. Here are a few headlines that we’ve noticed lately, concerning the latest news concerning sustainability practices.

Sustainability is in the Eye of the Beholder

As more consumers pay attention to the environmental cost of the products they buy, the beauty industry is starting to take a long, hard look at how to improve sustainability. Glossy reports that, among other initiatives, beauty brand Chantecaille is developing paper compacts that use post-consumer recycled paper:

“Sustainability will be much more important,” said Sylvie Chantecaille, founder of Chantecaille. “People are going to think more [about their consumption] because they have time at home to think and to realize what is essential.”

Pandemic Brings Opportunity to Promote Sustainability

Over at Marketing Dive, Peter Adams digs into how the COVID-19 pandemic has created the perfect opportunity for brands to promote sustainability in earnest:

Where areas like sustainability tended to be favored by younger cohorts like millennials and Gen Z prior to the pandemic, the coronavirus is a concern for consumers across demographic groups. That means brands have a bigger space to create an impact with their sustainable messaging now, assuming it’s timely, and to forge connections that could endure well beyond the current crisis as returning to growth becomes a priority.

Consumers Paying More Attention to Sustainable products

In 2020, more consumers than ever expect their favorite food brands to practice sustainability. According to a recent Food Dive article, shoppers aren’t letting the pandemic distract them from choosing products based on their values:

According to a study from Nielsen in 2018, almost half of U.S. consumers are likely to change what they buy to align with environmental standards. Kearney’s survey found that two years later, eight in 10 consumers consider the environmental impacts of their purchases.

“This year we see consumers expressing a more direct link between their health and the health of the planet,” Corey Chafin, one of the co-architects of the study, said. “This tells us consumers’ pro-environmental sentiments are more than idealistic assertions.”

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