Declared the year of the vegan by The Economist, 2019 is an exciting year to be a vegan company. Plant-based diets, products and overall lifestyles are trending with an all-time high acceleration. Media releases, such as the highly-anticipated upcoming documentary film The Game Changers, are kicking vegan visibility and awareness into high gear along with more menu updates in major restaurant chains and the ever-increasing availability of vegan home products in stores such as Target.

What’s your focus?

Your products and services likely have a focus. Perhaps you produce organic, plant-based bath products, or maybe you offer the latest and greatest vegan sausage replacement. Consumers may understand whatever your product is on the surface, but the remaining question you may need to answer for inquiring minds is “why.”

Why plant-based? Why vegan? Is it for health? Is it for the environment? Are you a proponent of cruelty-free movements? All of the above?

An agency specialized in vegan public relations can help you craft your answer, weave it into your key messages and make sure that your “why” is always clear.

Make your “why” clear with PR

Formulate an effective communications strategy: By working together with a PR team experienced with vegan brands to formulate an effective and comprehensive plan for interacting with your key stakeholders, your values and key messages will never be in question. The right spokespersons will be identified, and they will be trained and prepared to deliver your story on cue. With the right vegan public relations agency by your side, your plan can seamlessly evolve as you do.

Plan a campaign to solidify your message: Through well-timed press releases, media outreach, consistent content and an engaging social media campaign, your values will always shine through and become synonymous with your brand. At the same time, the right agency with knowledge of all things plant-based can maximize your SEO and help drive more leads to your business.

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