Even the greatest animal welfare champions have to start somewhere. If your company is new to animal welfare initiatives or even if you have had it built into your brand since the beginning, knowing how to share your message carefully for the greatest impact is essential.

Over the past couple of years more companies have adopted thoughtful animal-friendly practices into their business model. We are becoming increasingly aware of how production and consumerism affects animals and their habitats.

Changing focus to advocacy

Animals need more companies to take a stand for them, but advocacy can be an intimidating journey to embark on. Aligning your brand with consumers who are passionate about animal welfare can be tricky, especially if you are just learning the ropes.

Partnering with an animal welfare public relations agency can help share your new stance on animal welfare effectively with your audience.

At Orange Orchard, we are passionate about animal welfare, and we are well acquainted with the unique challenge companies can face on this journey.  We can help your company avoid common pitfalls and succeed in your mission of helping our animal friends.

How can we help with your message?

Content development: Our content team can craft blogs to boost your search engine optimization. We are a wealth of knowledge in animal welfare and we can help bring your voice into the movement.

Target media: Our PR professionals have developed contacts with many animals focused media outlets to share your story.

Handling a crisis: Even with the best intentions, a crisis can happen. We can help you manage impact and respond wisely to contain a crisis before it becomes a greater issue.

Orange Orchard is here to help you as you embark on the journey of animal welfare advocacy. We will be your cheerleaders and your allies. Contact Orange Orchard today.