While maintaining a plant-based diet is a great first step to a healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyle, it’s also important that we make a conscious effort in every facet of our lives. From the kind of car we drive to the way we brush our teeth, we need to try and make good choices across the board.

As a vegan public relations agency, Orange Orchard is working with companies every day that offer healthy and Earth-friendly options that don’t contain animal products and aren’t tested on animals. The vegan revolution is continuing to grow, and one research group estimated the vegan meat market could reach $21 billion by 2025. That’s just a few short years away. Also, on a side note, if you haven’t tried a plant-based burger, you’re missing out.

Times are changing, and as society becomes more self-aware, this shift to vegan products is going to keep growing. What are you doing to connect with his mainstream audience? We can help in a number of ways, but this is for starters:

  • Media coverage: We can help you get your brand front and center in front of potential customers.
  • Online presence: We can create an online marketing campaign that includes e-newsletters, blog posts and savvy website content.
  • Branding: Our team can help you hone your message and create a plan to help you get it out to the world, such as through expos and conferences.

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, contact Orange Orchard online today or call (865) 977-1973.