According to a recent study, nearly 70 percent of consumers in North America are willing to pay more for environmentally conscious products, and 40 percent of respondents select brands based on how well they align with their personal beliefs, which, according to the first statistic, are likely environmentally based.

If your brand is eco-friendly, do people know about it?

Through green public relations, you can market your business in a way that matters to your customers.

Promote your green products/services

This should be a given, but consider how you’re highlighting the way your product or service is making or will make an impact on the environment or reduce carbon footprint. Consumers, today especially, often want to see where and how their products were made and whether or not they’re environmentally responsible.

Publicize your charitable efforts

Show your customers that you care about environmental issues by letting them know what charities you support, a non-profit conservation group you donated supplies to or how your team organized a trash pickup. Publicizing these efforts can be accomplished through a press release, blog series, articles or all of the above.

Post about your green efforts

Are you paperless? Do you ship products in recycled boxes? Does your company provide employees with reusable water bottles for the work day? While one or two of these practices alone aren’t really worth talking about, if you can compile a list of ways your business reduces its carbon footprint, consider writing a blog post about it or making a section on your website about how your business promotes green living.

And don’t forget that word-of-mouth goes a long way with environmentally conscious consumers!

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