Your logo, your website, your packaging and even the uniforms your employees wear are all extensions of your company’s brand.

But your brand is so much more than physical trademarking. It also encompasses your company’s culture, vision and identity.

It’s the reason why a consumer might choose your product over your competitors and is usually developed out of your company’s roots.

While building a great vegan product that consumers like and trust to live up to its word, the product alone can only get your company noticed up to a point. Once you have perfected the flavor or promoted how ecofriendly your product is, you can often reach a plateau that prevents your vegan brand from reaching new heights.

This is where the vegan public relations experts at Orange Orchard can help you take off from the plateau.

Earned media attention

One of the best ways to boost your plant-based business is to become known as the expert in your field. You should be the authority the media comes to when they have a question about plant-based products or need an expert opinion on a vegan topic in the news.

PR can help you capitalize on your knowledge while relying on the relationships you’ve built throughout the years. A 2019 Cision Global State of the Media Report points out that 92% of consumers trust earned media. Earned media is the coverage your company receives from independent journalists with mainstream or trade media outlets.

Orange Orchard knows how to identify the outlets that can help you promote your brand and has relationships with the right reporters so you can target your message effectively.

Promoting your business through press releases

One of the best ways to get earned media is by identifying news within your company and issuing a press release providing the background on this news. Many times, what you consider just “doing business” is actually newsworthy.

Let the professionals at Orange Orchard help you identify newsworthy events within your organization and write the press releases that are sure to garner the attention those events deserve.

Getting social

A plant-based public relations team can also help you build your organic message by building out your social media platforms. Consistent messaging, engaging with your audience and sharing industry news can help you grow your clientele and deepen your brand identity.

The social media experts at Orange Orchard can provide you with a plan to use your social media channels more effectively as a tool to get more word-of-mouth and earned media coverage.

If you’re ready to take your vegan brand from plateau to mountain top, call the team at Orange Orchard at (865) 977-1973 or contact us via our website today!