You’ve successfully built your vegan brand and decided to take your winning model to the next level by starting a franchise. But, in order to expand your business, you’re going to have to attract interest.

This requires that you showcase your expertise so that potential franchisees know about your franchise and understand that you can help them build a successful business.

And, proving your expertise can be done by simply using a tool most all business owners already have handy – your website’s blog section.

The right foundation

Any vegan public relations plan should start with a comprehensive content strategy that includes regular blog posts. This helps you establish your thought leadership in easily digestible vignettes. Your blog should not only reflect your company’s brand and ideals, it should also be professionally packaged.

It’s important that you have someone proofread your posts to ensure that words are spelled correctly and that your message is clear. Misspelled words or blog posts that are wildly off-topic from your mission will cause readers to distrust your expertise.

If you consistently produce quality blog posts that cement your expertise, you are more likely to be taken seriously. This is a step in the right direction.

 Show your passion

Your vegan franchise would not be in the pole position it’s in today if you didn’t have the drive to make sure your business met its goals.

In addition to writing with authority, one of your biggest goals in maintaining a blog should be to build enthusiasm for your vegan product.

Educating potential franchisees on how investing in your brand is right for them will build your credibility and expand your reach. As more readers access your blog posts, the value of your content will grow and expand to those who are interested in helping your brand expand.

But regular blogging can be time-consuming.

Orange Orchard is here to help.

Our team of veteran vegan PR pros and experienced journalists can help you create a blog that is respected and loaded with the current topics concerning your industry. We are committed to helping you establish the expertise you need to attract potential franchisees.

Call us today at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online to see how we can boost your blog to showcase your thought leadership.