Cruelty free public relations can help you identify and prepare you, or your designated spokespeople to promote your initiatives. Are you knowledgeable? Are you able to communicate clearly? Are you passionate about your cause?

You would make a great spokesperson for your cruelty free initiatives. Whether it’s a crisis, or to drive donations, an experienced team like Orange Orchard can help provide the framework and the plan.

How do you know that you’re able to be the spokesperson?

Here are a few characteristics that your spokespersons should possess:

  • Knowledge of the initiatives/organizations
  • Excellent communicator
  • Media trained
  • Even temperament

Knowledge of Content

Knowledge is power. If you’re going to be in front of the cameras, or on a podcast, you MUST know what you’re talking about. Even if it’s not a “major” outlet, it can reflect poorly on your organization if you appear to be uneducated. Cruelty free public relations can help identify who among you is knowledgeable and help determine who should be speaking.


If your organization has a huge opportunity to promote your brand and cause, you don’t want someone who can’t present a clear and concise message. The public is watching, and media opportunities don’t grow on trees. You want someone who can speak to your donors/investors and can speak to the media.


If you’re not this, don’t freak out. The right cruelty free public relations team will offer training sessions. The right spokesperson is trained to understand the media’s tactics and what the media looks for. A trained spokesperson should be able to tell when they’re trying to be tricked into a news click answer or be able to steer the conversation when it’s going off the rails.

Even Tempered

It’s rare that you’ll be in a situation with the media where you’re getting grenades threw at you. However, it’s possible. You must be prepared to have people make claims or try and solicit a response out of you that’s not representative of your organization. You must remain calm, stay on message, use your media training and communication skills.