As with anything related to your animal welfare efforts, fundraising events require a high caliber of care. Whether it’s a silent auction in a banquet hall or a 5k downtown, promoting your next event can make the difference you need to effectively make your mark for the cause.

And with animal welfare public relations, you can confidently strive for record attendance at your next event.

The announcement

The first step (after consulting with a team of pros about your messaging and goals), is to develop a press release announcing the event. Depending on the type of event, deadline for RSVP and other variables, your ideal release timing can vary. You want to announce details close enough to the event to keep it top-of-mind while giving your potential attendees and supporters enough time to plan for it.

The in-between

Once you have your timing set, you’ll send the press release to your target media. Be sure to share it on your website, too. Along with your press release, share the news across your social media platforms in different ways—some teaser posts to get your audience excited adding more details each time, countdowns on your Instagram story, etc. If you have a blog on your website, add a post about it there. The more visibility, the better.

The reflection

Well, how’d it go? Just because the event is over doesn’t mean you should stop publicizing it. Let your audience know how much was raised, how many were in attendance, and make your attendees and supporters aware of your gratitude. Oftentimes, particularly if the event was especially successful, sending out another release sharing the highlights can go a long way, helping to boost attendance for the next event.

Hosting an event is enough work on its own, but with the support of the right PR team, you can enhance the impact of your efforts. Give Orange Orchard a call at (865)977-1973 or visit us online to make your next one a success.