Could there be a better time to have a vegan franchise brand?

It seems as though everyone is jumping to snag a piece of that delicious plant-based pie, and restaurants that provide meatless options are gaining popularity around the world. Companies that have found success in their existing models, like Los Angeles-based vegan dessert chain Yoga-urt, are now deciding to franchise to accelerate expansion. Many already-established franchises, like Odd Burger, are growing exponentially in response to global demand. The Canadian vegan fast-food brand announced last month its intention to open a whopping 150 new franchises throughout Asia.

The success and visibility of quality franchises like these that are offering plant-based menus is a win for all of us, but if you want to stand out and attract potential owners that are reviewing competitive options for their investment, your marketing plan needs a secret sauce. You need a team that can develop and help you implement a comprehensive vegan franchise public relations strategy. Securing a PR partner that both understands the franchise industry and is passionate about the advancement of vegan alternatives will give you an advantage when competing for new franchisees and will elevate your other marketing efforts.

Upsize that marketing plan and make it a combo, please

Although digital marketing and advertising are still critical for success, trying to grow a successful franchise brand without adding vegan franchise public relations to the marketing mix is a bit like ordering avocado toast…without the avocado. It’s the irresistible ingredient that brings it all together and makes the entire presentation a better experience.

Here are 3 ways adding PR to your marketing plan will help your plant-based business stand out from other franchises:

  • It increases brand awareness among potential owners: Those seeking franchise ownership are navigating through mountains of marketing, and spotting your brand in podcast interviews, contributing editorial to a trade magazine or even as the focus for a feature article can make a huge impact on their ultimate choice.
  • It adds credibility to your franchise system: Beyond securing earned media placement, a PR team with a buttoned up vegan franchise public relations strategy will also seek awards and franchise rankings for your brand. Garnering recognition from trusted organizations adds a tremendous level of credibility and can easily sway a potential owner toward your brand.
  • It makes all your other ingredients (marketing efforts) taste so much better: The ultimate goal of public relations is to make all of your marketing more effective and impactful, driving more leads to your system. Consumers, including potential owners, trusted earned media far more than paid advertising. When you have both, however, an owner is more likely to engage with your marketing.

If you’re ready to win more owners and expand the reach of your delicious plant-based brand with an effective vegan franchise public relations strategy, contact us at Orange Orchard today at (865) 977-1973.