If you have a business, you have social media. In 2022 you can’t escape it—the two almost go hand-in-hand. But are you getting the results you want from your platforms?

According to a recent report, 71 percent of small-to-medium-sized companies market themselves on social media, over half posting at least daily.

It’s simply not enough to just have the accounts and post occasionally. Consider these strategies from a vegan public relations agency to achieve your potential across all platforms:

Keep up with trends

Social media trends arise daily. Are you seeing any trends that are relevant to your mission, products or services? Relatable TikTok voiceovers and songs applied to your office culture or something you’re promoting can create a viral video. Drop some trendy phrases in your captions and cultivate them to relate to your post. Watch for trendy hashtags and use them appropriately.

Consider outsourcing

A significant part of keeping up with trends is spending enough time on your platforms to know what those trends are, which can become time consuming. This is when outsourcing becomes more helpful. Hiring a designated social media specialist can take valuable time off your hands, as well as ensure consistent content.

Post consistently

When you post sporadically, it can appear that your business isn’t well-organized or dedicated to communicating with your customers. This doesn’t mean you have to post daily, but if you designate at least two-three days per week to post and engage with your followers, it shows consistency and structure.

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