As of 2021, there are now 62% of households in America buying plant-based products according to Plant Based Foods Association.

Plant-based and green brands are becoming more common and attainable for the consumer. Plant-based public relations can help build your brand to be a leader in the industry.

An experienced team like Orange Orchard can provide an in-depth plan, but for now, let’s focus on three things.

Press Releases

Press releases are still alive and well. Press releases are an effective way to get non-promotional information out there about your brand and your cause. By putting out relevant releases, media members and the public can see your brand online.

With an efficient balance of facts, story and SEO, your brand will continue to get more exposure. It’s proven that a well-crafted release can get picked up and ran by your target media and possibly lead to more in-depth stories.

Proactive Pitching

Another way to build a proactive brand like a plant-based brand, is to well, be proactive. An experienced PR agency knows how to position you as a source on trending and relevant story ideas in your industry. You’ll need to be prepared to answer the call because sometimes proactive ideas can be urgent with tight deadlines.

With proactive pitching, your brand can become a useful source for media on a story they’re working on and leading to more stories down the line. Through plant-based public relations pitching, opportunities garnered can lead to establish your brand as a leader.

Earned Media

By doing the top two, we can end our journey here. Through press releases and proactive pitching, plant-based public relations can help you achieve earned media coverage. This means you get your brand coverage for free.

These are not paid segments; these are not 30 second commercials. This means you’re the story, or part of a larger story. You’re the source, you’re the thought leader and you’re the trusted contact for the media.

If you’d like to know more about building your plant-based brand, contact us at Orange Orchard online or give us a call at 865-977-1973.