For today’s consumers, it’s not just about what you make: it’s about how and why you make it. They’re not just looking for a product that gets the job done. They’re looking for products made the right way.

That’s why cruelty-free cosmetics are on the rise. Conscious consumers are choosing cosmetics that align with their personal ideals. They’re making a difference with the way they buy. According to Cosmetics Business, 36% of women prefer to buy cruelty-free cosmetics, and 43% said they would stop buying a cosmetics brand that tests on animals.

But it’s also up to cruelty-free brands to educate consumers and make them aware of why conscious buying is important, building your market share not just with advertising, but with social responsibility. A cruelty free public relations agency can help you hone the message. Here’s how.

1) Become a Leader

One tactic to add to your cruelty-free strategy is to become a thought leader in the market space. A thought leader is someone with deep experience in a certain topic or industry whose opinions are sought after and shape public discourse. A cruelty free public relations agency will help you establish thought leadership in the cruelty-free space, getting your message out to consumers everywhere.

2) Get Social

You have opinions about animal testing and plenty of solid reasons for offering a cruelty-free cosmetics line. So, why not take part in the conversation surrounding animal testing online? Getting involved on social media can help educate consumers about the importance of treating animals with care and respect, and the safety of testing cosmetics in ways that don’t harm animals.

3) Take a Stand

Don’t be afraid to take a stand on controversial subjects outside your market space. Animal cruelty extends beyond testing and reaches into many industries. When animal issues arise, speak out. Offer yourself as a source for journalists, podcast interviews and more. Their platform will boost your own message and further educate consumers.

At Orange Orchard, we believe in taking a stand against animal cruelty, and we’re passionate about educating the public to become conscious consumers. We have the know-how and media contacts to make this strategy work for you. To learn more about our services, just call (865) 977-1973 or contact Orange Orchard online today.