Doing the right thing can be a competitive advantage with PR

Looking good is a great thing, but doing good is a wonderful. Cosmetic, fashion, and beauty brands can stand out from the rest of the market through cruelty free public relations.

Doing the right thing isn’t just a matter of optics, though. It takes a corporate commitment to create products that do not harm the environment or animals.

For example, Prose, a Certified B Corp, acts to better the environment, community, and its company culture, according to Arnaud Plas, co-founder and CEO, in a Barron’s article. The company pays attention to creating products that are environmentally friendly and cruelty free:

…Three out of the five most environmentally damaging materials come from animals. Leather is the single most polluting and resource intensive material on the market, silk is second and wool is fifth. It makes sense — in order to produce animal material, we need to use the inefficient system of a living creature, which needs to eat plants, to breathe and move and grow, right? A cow needs to live for over two years in order to produce one hide. That’s a lot of resources.

But these kinds of corporate efforts are more than just their own reward. Consumers are looking for brands that reflect their own values, and, increasingly, that means only buying products that don’t require animal testing or use fur or leather or other animal-based materials.

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