As an executive or decision maker in a business offering a sustainable solution, it is critical to be seen as a thought-leader in the environmental space, not just another “suit.” When your stakeholders know you’re invested, they will invest in you.

Orange Orchard’s environmental public relations can certainly help get the word out about your green efforts through press releases and media coverage, but our seasoned content team can also take your personal brand as a sustainability expert to the next level.

Importance of Personal Brands

Will boosting your personal brand actually help? Absolutely.

Building your personal brand as an expert in sustainability lends credibility to your entire team while establishing a memorable “face” for your organization, and your stakeholders will view your offerings as genuine solutions provided by someone passionate about our planet.

Timely, Well-Written Content is Key

Secure and line up opportunities with PR: Your environmental public relations team can begin to get your name out by positioning you as the company spokesperson in press releases and pitches to editors in your key media verticals. Once a publication is interested in receiving content from you, it’s time to get to work!

Plan your contributions wisely: Working closely with a highly experienced content team will help you identify the right topics to cover at the right time. It’s important to remember you’re writing for the benefit and education of others, but the topics should still be chosen strategically to best position you and the brand you represent.

Lean on your content team: Our content team has years of editing and journalism experience. They will help you deliver your message in a compelling, honest way that generates interest in both you and your organization. It’s all about the soft sell and being recognized as the expert you are.

To learn more about an agency with a seasoned content team experienced in environmental public relations, please contact Orange Orchard today at (865) 977-1973.