Thought leaders. Every industry has them. From marketing to ecotourism to green construction — and all the industries in between — every sector has leaders that folks turn to for advice. They’re they folks whose opinions matter. It’s even true of sports. Imagine a football game with no commentators or a halftime show without former players breaking down what you’ve watched and what’s going on around the league.

It’s only natural. We gravitate toward like-minded individuals who understand where we’re coming from or the struggles we’re facing. It’s why trade publications have “expert advice” columns and TV news feature color commentary from industry leaders. It’s why TED Talks are so popular, and podcasts have millions of listeners. We want to know more, and we want to understand what’s going on in the world around us.

But, how do thought leaders become thought leaders? They’re hustling, for one thing. These men and women have worked hard to get to where they are. They also probably have amazing public relations professionals on their side. We believe thought leadership is a key part of a good vegan public relations strategy.

Building your reputation

Whether it’s highlighting your company and your achievements on social media or coordinating and crafty articles to help you network through the industry, we can help you create an online presence will showcase your knowledge.

A key part of our strategy will be earned media. We can help establish you as an expert both in in industry publications and on a national level. From interviews to contributed articles, we can make you a regular fixture in the news.

Our team can also help coordinate networking opportunities, such as speaking engagements or appearances at conferences.

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