Innovation is at the very core of green technology. Companies that are working diligently to solve important environmental and climate issues with technology often do so by engineering new ways to tackle everyday challenges, and for many this creativity can almost become routine. But no matter how the noble the mission is, a company must stand out in their industry and make money to survive. For eco-conscious businesses, developing and implementing a green tech public relations strategy can help them garner attention for their innovations, secure new leads and even catch the eyes of investors.

Using Green Tech PR to Win – and Leverage – Awards

Beyond advertising, marketing and even distributing press releases to announce your advancements in environmentally friendly technology, seeking and winning awards is a fantastic way to get the credit you and your team of experts deserve. That said, not all awards are created equal. Furthermore, the submittal process can sometimes be overwhelming. At Orange Orchard, our in-house content team works with companies like yours to help reduce the lift when it comes to awards. Here are some tips from the team:

Pursue the right awards: Most business awards do have an associated cost, but not all awards are worth your marketing spend. So, it’s important to know what to look for when applying. Knowing how to assess an organization’s credibility can help determine your ROI if you pay to submit and spend time going through the process.

Ensure a clean submission: Applying for awards isn’t always as simple as filling out a few short answers. Some require case studies, essays, quotes and more. Having a team with experience in green tech public relations and an in-house content team can help deliver a compelling, detailed and on-message submission.

Maximize the recognition: Don’t win the award, post it to social and just let it die. Work with a savvy partner to develop a press release, use the award in media outreach, and ensure any collateral and logos you get from winning are shared appropriately.

If you’d like to learn more about using green tech public relations to add credibility with awards and spotlight your innovations, contact us at Orange Orchard here or by calling (865) 977-1973.