Awareness and credibility are critical for animal welfare organizations. A trusted, recognizable brand identity helps your group stand out from the pack – and get a step ahead in the competition for donations, volunteers, social media shares and other meaningful methods of engagement.

There’s no simple way to build a reputation for credibility and reliability. Forming an authentic, lasting connection with supporters takes time. Potential donors and other followers expect your organization to prove itself with results and consistent messaging.

One essential tool for effectively building awareness and trust is compelling content. Developing and executing a comprehensive content strategy helps you connect with your core audience, reach new potential supporters and earn media placement. You’ll see engagement and support increase. You’ll also position your leadership team as experts and thought leaders.

Here are some of the ways strategic, expert content such as blogs, op-ed articles, podcasts, videos and social media posts can help your organization shine:

  • Online visibility: Entertaining and informative content that’s hard to ignore increases engagement across multiple channels and platforms, driving improved search results and helping you connect with new audiences.
  • Cross promotion: Great content isn’t limited to just one channel. Share important blog posts on social media. Turn social media engagements into videos or blog posts. Support earned media appearances with an episode of your very own podcast. Each piece of content is important. It gains in significance when you can amplify the message.

If the prospect of building a catalog of engaging content sounds like a lot of work – well, it is. And most animal welfare professionals are already busy enough.

That’s why you should consider an experienced animal welfare public relations partner help you build a foundation of great content that can enhance your presence and drive your organization to the next level. At Orange Orchard, we specialize in PR strategies for companies and organizations committed to making a better, kinder world. To find out more, contact us online or call (865) 977-1973.